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Links last verified / added April 2024
House of Commons, Canada
Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure
Parts of a Boat
Glossary of Jewelry Terms
Accoustic Terms & Definitions
The Newspaper Designer's Handbook | Glossary
Glossary of Vegetarianism and Vegetarian Cuisine - The Veggie Table
Earthquake Hazards Program - USGS
Weather Glossary - Terms & Definitions -
Glossary of Tennis Terms - Wikipedia
The GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms
Glossaries of Coffee Terminology
Glossary of Conference Interpretation Terms
Apparel Search Fashion Glossary
Baseball Glossary - Baseball
Glossary of Forest Terms - Natural Resources Canada
PGA - Golf Dictionary, Glossary and Golf Terms
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary
National Kidney Federation - Glossary of Renal Related Terms
Fruit Facts
Unicode Glossary
European Union Language and Terminology - Glossaries by Topic
Compressed Air Glossary of Terms Index
Flexible Polyurethane Foam - Glossary
Epoxies, Etc... - Glossary of Terms
UCMP Glossary
Glossary or Forestry Terms in British Columbia - Ministry of Forests
NASA Science - Data and Information System Glossary
Winegrape Glossary
FCC - Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
Music Technology & Home Recording Glossary
The Ultimate List Of Broadcast Journalism Terms - New York Film Academy