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Latest Additions
Links last verified / added October 2017
  Medical  Alcohol and Fluoxetine
Oliver Clark's guide to fluoxetine and alcohol. This guide explains some of the
potential drawbacks of taking the anti-depressant fluoxetine with alcohol.
  Misc. Reference  Rehab Recovery
Offers resources for veterans affected by addiction and mental health issues
  Dictionaries  Dictionarist - Instant Dictionary
A double-click Chrome plug-in from Dictionarist.
  Medical  DrugWatch - Drugs and Devices
Defective and dangerous prescription/OTC drugs and medical devices.
A resource used to help communicate with local courts, judges,
and law enforcement agencies in the USA.
  Libraries & Books  Super Summary
In-depth study guides on a variety of contemporary novels.
  Medical  Sunrise House
This is the most comprehensive resource for Native Americans with
substance abuse and addiction problems available on the web well-researched,
accessible and summarizes the spectrum of problems faced by Native Americans
with substance abuse, treatment and recovery resources.
  Medical  SAMHSA
This is the government-sponsored search engine of more than 20,000
drug and alcohol treatment providers, offering different methods,
payment options and levels of care across the country.
  Glossaries  The Newspaper Designer's Handbook | Glossary
  Medical  Medical Assistant Schools Directory
  Medical  Medical Billing and Coding Programs by State
  Glossaries  Cheese Terminology - Woolwich Dairy Inc.
  Medical  Medical Billing and Coding Training
  Libraries & Books  Historical Guide to American Literature
  Glossaries  Fruit & Nut Trees 101 - Living Off Grid Guide
  Libraries & Books  A year of reading the world | 196 countries, countless stories...
  Culture  Index of Canadian Artists (Visual Arts)
  Glossaries  Glossary of tennis terms - Wikipedia
  Misc. Reference  Metric conversion charts and calculators
  Misc. Reference  ISO Language Code Table
  Medical  Medical Billing and Coding Online
  Glossaries  Cement Association of Canada Glossary
  Misc. Publications  What Every Student Needs to Know About Military Enlistment
  Glossaries  Car Insurance and Maintenance Resource
  Glossaries  Literary Terms and Definitions
  Law  Canadian Criminal Justice Resources
  Medical  BioMedSearch - the most comprehensive biomedical literature search available
  Glossaries  Film Terminology - Penn State University
  Glossaries  The GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms
  Dictionaries  Heraldic Dictionaries and Glossaries
  Glossaries  Glossaries of Coffee Terminology
  Medical  Skin Disease Information
  Acronyms  Abbreviations and Acronyms - Encyclopedia of Music in Canada